1. Schedule an appointment:
The consultation takes place at the clients house or the job site. At this time, many samples and photos will be viewed. Also we will discuss the client's taste, color/design options and budget. By the end of this appointment the client and artist will have a good idea of what finish or mural theme to be accomplished. If you wish to have additional color consultation for other rooms in your house there will be a $50 fee for up to two rooms. At this point will be e-mailed to the client with a follow up phone call for confirmation.

2. Schedule the project:
Once the proposal is approved, contract signed, and 35% deposit received the start date will be schedule. Once the deposit is received the artist will work in the necessary samples prior the start date. The samples are always the property of the artist and remain in the possession of the artist at all times unless an agreement between both parties.

3. Start date:
Artist will prep surface and tape as necessary. The client must clear all furniture and accessories.

4. Completion of the job:
The artist cleans and removes all tape and leftover materials from the site. Touch up kits are left for the client and Final payment is due upon completion.